Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The 40th Week

I have been a very fortunate woman. This pregnancy has been relatively easy, compared with the stories I hear from friends, or about friends of friends, etc. I never got very ill, I didn't require bed rest, and my stats have been extremely average for this entire time.

A coworker asked me today when I was going to start my maternity leave, and I told him that I would start it when I had the baby. He asked me when my due date was, and I said "three days from now". His jaw pretty much dropped to the floor...

Am I that unusual? I know I have been very blessed, but seriously, I feel worse when I have a head cold than I do right now. Don't get me wrong, I'm pretty sore when I move, I don't sleep well, I'm hot a lot of the time, and I feel fat as a whale. However, I still feel completely capable, especially to work.

As of now, I don't FEEL like I could go into labor at any moment, although I wish I would! I can't wait for my little girl to arrive!


Audrey said...

I worked full time before I had Greta. I was walking around dilated to a 4 and had no clue. Yeah- I was having some pains, but I just figured "well, I'm pregnant. It's supposed to be uncomfortable."

Brooke said...

I can't say anything because I had an extremely easy pregnancy, labor and delivery, but I think some women tend to over exaggerate pregnancy sometimes. I always hear the "Well I was in labor for 20 hours! And it was so painful, and I was awfully sick the whole 9 months!" I spent the first 6 of my 7 hours of labor watching TV in the hospital. The whole thing was actually an amazing experience, not a terribly painful or uncomfortable or hard one. I know some women have horrible pregnancies and labor and delivery,(my sis-in-law is terribly sick her entire pregnancies!) but if it was as horrible as EVERYONE tells you, no one would have more than one baby.

But hey, I can't really say anything because I had an easy pregnancy too. I guess we are just the lucky ones! Good luck, I hope she comes soon too! Those last few weeks seem to drag forever!

Dairy Queen said...

I had a great pregnancy and birth also...just took it all in and enjoyed it.
I was at work, left for a doc apt (the day before my due date) he said I was in active labor (2cm & 90%) and to get to the hospital.
So i did....after I ran back to work and ate lunch :)
Can't wait see pics of Evelyn!