Friday, November 21, 2008


Nathan Proposed last night!

It was so cute, He set up a gorgeous candle-lit dinner at his house (with the help of his mom and sisters, I might add.. props, guys!) When I got there, I wasn't expecting anything, but as soon as I saw the whole set up, I had a pretty good guess what he was up to! Surprisingly, I got pretty nervous when I realized that he was actually going to propose.. and so soon! However, when he didn't do it during dinner, I was getting a little bit impatient...

After dinner, he suggested we go on a walk. So, we bundled up and went for a walk up to the Timpanogos Temple. He lives about a 20-30 minute walk from the temple, and we often walk there together.

When we got to the temple, we were sitting there and talking, and I was expecting him to drop to his knee at any moment.. However, after only sitting there for maybe five minutes, he said "Well, are you ready to go?" this point I'm so confused! And a little impatient!
We walked around to the north side of the temple, and he stopped me and kissed me. Then he started being goofy, putting his hat on me and taking pictures with his cell phone (I was even more confused at this point because he was acting so goofy!) But then, after a minute, he said "Katy, I have a question for you." Then he dropped to one knee, and pulled out the most GORGEOUS ring ever! I started crying (Of course, that is SO me.) And when he said "Will you marry me?" Of course I said "Yes yes yes yes!!!" Then he asked me if he could put the ring on my finger because I was just standing there blubbering. It took a couple of minutes to actually hit me that WE ARE ENGAGED!!! Ahhhhhhhh!!! We were both smiling and skipping and saying "We're getting MARRIED!!"

Nathan called the Salt Lake temple today, and we already have the date: March 13th! This happens to be Friday the thirteenth, which was absolutely a coincidence since we decided to get married on the Friday before spring break. When we opened up the calendar, low and behold.. Friday the Thirteenth. I'm not scared though. Take that, Superstition!! :)

Mark your calendars! I want you all there!