Saturday, February 26, 2011

Two HUGE announcements....

Friday was a seriously AWESOME day. First, we found out that we are having a lovely little....

Girl :)

Also, Nathan found out that he got into BYU! He will be starting their engineering program during the summer, and we are soooo excited. One more step towards being done done done with school. Only four more years to go... heh. It's okay. I can wait.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


So, I realized I haven't officially announced my pregnancy here on my blog, so.....

I'm pregnant :)

I announced it on facebook a while ago, but I figured if you don't have a FB you might not know.

Today is a day of mixed emotions. Today is the due date of this baby. It would be much more difficult to deal with, I think, if I wasn't pregnant again.

I lost the first baby back in July, and was able to conceive again in October - as quickly as possible, according to my doctor. After a couple of bleeding scares and an emergency ultrasound back in November, things are going much more smoothly now. I am currently about 19 weeks, and next week we find out the gender of the baby.

To be honest, I am very excited to find out whether we will be expecting a boy or a girl, but I am also worried that they will find something wrong at that appointment. Last week I taught my biology students about genetic disorders, and ever since then I have had all of those swimming around in my mind.





The possibilities are endless! Ah!

I know I must have faith that all will work out for our good.... I do really believe that. I just think about the worst possible scenario I guess...

This is a picture of me at about 16 weeks. I have more pictures, I just haven't uploaded them yet....but I will! My baby bump is definitely more obvious now.

Stay tuned for more updates!