Saturday, June 25, 2011

What I Did Yesterday...

The majority of Fridays I don't have to work. It is awesome being a teacher, and having a 4-day work week :) Friday is generally my "get things done" day, where I run errands, go to the doctor, etc.

Yesterday's productive Friday:

1. Bridal/Groomal photo shoot early in the AM up above Vivian Park in Provo Canyon

2. Shower (this should have come first... oh well...)

3. Doctor's Appointment: Currently dilated .5 cm. She said it could still be 2 weeks or so.

4. Shopped for nursing bras. Thank you Motherhood Maternity for measuring me :) I love the customer service at that store. They make you feel like you have a personal shopper!

5. Shopped for nursing undies at the distribution center. Also very helpful customer service :)

6. Shopped for nightgown to wear in the hospital. I totally got a granny mu mu that makes me feel like it's 1950.

7. Shopped for a diaper bag so that I could pack all of Evelyn's essentials for coming home from the hospital.

8. Made dinner for Nathan. Tuna Noodle Casserole.

9. Attended a bridal shower for my friend Nikki. My good friends Charissa and Chalena (sisters) came with me.

10. Came home at 10 pm to find that Nathan had been sleeping for the last 3 hours... nice nap before bedtime I guess?

11. Medicated Nathan for his allergies, and then crashed in bed.

I woke up this morning VERY sore. I'm sure it was from all of that walking when I was shopping. Oh well! This is one of my last productive Fridays to do these things! Only a Friday or two more until I have this baby. Yahoooooooo!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Ooh la la...

You know I'm already in line! ;)

Nathan was the best man at his friend Ben's wedding this weekend. It was such a fun wedding! It was a carnival themed reception, and along with a complete sugar rush from all of the treats, I had a ton of fun. I'll post more pictures soon!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Thank you, Foreign Aid.

Yesterday was a wonderful day. After suffering for a year without air conditioning in my car, I finally got it fixed. I have been dreading the cost of AC repair, as I was once quoted $700 for a new AC compressor. UGH! Can you see why I stuck it out and waited a whole year? I probably would have waited even longer, except:

a) I am off of work this week, leaving me some free time to get some much needed things done.


b) I really don't want to make my newborn baby suffer the stifling heat of my car in mid-July and August.

So, I called around and ended up taking my little beetle to Foreign Aid in Orem. I dropped it off at about 9:30 in the morning, and around noon they called me to give me the news. Apparently, the compressor was just all full of gunk and needed to be cleaned out and oiled. Also, I had blown a little fuse.

Total cost of parts/labor: $130.

I cannot tell you how happy I was! That is a seriously cheap car repair! Plus, it was ready for me to pick up right away. SO FAST!

The best part is, when I went to pick it up and pay for the repair, they ended up only charging me $95! I even pointed it out to them that they had told me a higher price on the phone, and they had indeed made an error by charging me lower. However, they didn't correct it, and let me have it at the lower price. Wow!

Anyway, I would highly recommend them, and if I need more repairs in the future I will definitely go to them. Happy day! I don't have to sweat my guts out any more!!!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

34 Weeks...


Here I am at 34 weeks pregnant. Evelyn is getting more and more cramped in her comfy uterus home.. and I am getting more and more anxious to get her out!

A few things:

- The nursery is coming along GREAT. I will post pictures as soon as it is complete :)

- I found out that I will be delivering at UVRMC in Provo. This makes me a little anxious about going into labor at work in SLC...

- I'm on a two week break from work while the boys do their high-adventure trips. I hope they are having as much fun as I am!

- Tonight I am cooking baked potatoes and roasted asparagus. Yum.

I hope life is as good for you as it is for me right now :)