Sunday, December 21, 2008

Merry Christmas!
My dad passed this video onto me, and I thought I'd share it with you too. It was produced by BYU, and it's beautiful!

I also thought I would share something silly that I thought of.. but in spanish, the word "mas" means "more"... soooo, lately I have been thinking of ChristMas as meaning More Christ, or a reminder to myself to think of Christ More. I have challenged myself this Christmas to think of Christ more with this reminder. This silly little explaination has helped me remember to think of him with every 'Merry Christmas' I see and hear. If it helps you to get into the real spirit of the season too, I hope you remember ChristMore as well :) Merry ChristMore!!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

A Season for Angels

Hi Everyone!
As many of you know, I am in a performance choir called Latter-Day Celebration Choir at the Orem Institute of Religion. This weekend we are performing our annual Christmas show, which is the story of Christ's birth, presented in pageant format. The music is beautiful, and the entire program is very uplifting! It is the perfect thing to get you in the spirit of Christmas!

We have two shows tonight, one at 6pm and one at 8pm, and then two tomorrow (Sunday), also at 6 & 8pm. It is located at the Orem Institute of Religion on UVU campus in Orem.

If you can, please come and share in the Christmas season with us!

Friday, November 21, 2008


Nathan Proposed last night!

It was so cute, He set up a gorgeous candle-lit dinner at his house (with the help of his mom and sisters, I might add.. props, guys!) When I got there, I wasn't expecting anything, but as soon as I saw the whole set up, I had a pretty good guess what he was up to! Surprisingly, I got pretty nervous when I realized that he was actually going to propose.. and so soon! However, when he didn't do it during dinner, I was getting a little bit impatient...

After dinner, he suggested we go on a walk. So, we bundled up and went for a walk up to the Timpanogos Temple. He lives about a 20-30 minute walk from the temple, and we often walk there together.

When we got to the temple, we were sitting there and talking, and I was expecting him to drop to his knee at any moment.. However, after only sitting there for maybe five minutes, he said "Well, are you ready to go?" this point I'm so confused! And a little impatient!
We walked around to the north side of the temple, and he stopped me and kissed me. Then he started being goofy, putting his hat on me and taking pictures with his cell phone (I was even more confused at this point because he was acting so goofy!) But then, after a minute, he said "Katy, I have a question for you." Then he dropped to one knee, and pulled out the most GORGEOUS ring ever! I started crying (Of course, that is SO me.) And when he said "Will you marry me?" Of course I said "Yes yes yes yes!!!" Then he asked me if he could put the ring on my finger because I was just standing there blubbering. It took a couple of minutes to actually hit me that WE ARE ENGAGED!!! Ahhhhhhhh!!! We were both smiling and skipping and saying "We're getting MARRIED!!"

Nathan called the Salt Lake temple today, and we already have the date: March 13th! This happens to be Friday the thirteenth, which was absolutely a coincidence since we decided to get married on the Friday before spring break. When we opened up the calendar, low and behold.. Friday the Thirteenth. I'm not scared though. Take that, Superstition!! :)

Mark your calendars! I want you all there!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Best Week of my Life So Far!

That's right! Nathan is home! He got home on the 28th (Tuesday), and ever since then I have been meaning to blog.. but for some strange reason I have been verrrry busy lately ;) haha!

So here is how it all happened!
Tuesday, I worked pretty late (on purpose. I needed to keep my mind occupied). When I got home, I fixed myself up cute, and waited for the phone to ring. Nathan and I had agreed that we'd see each other after he was released, and without other people around. I thought I would be embarrassed with everyone watching me get emotional, or if people had expectations and it was awkward, I didn't want to have witnesses.

But it didn't happen that way...

Nathan's mom called me around 8:30pm and said that his appointment to be released had been pushed back to 9pm, and Nate was wondering if I wanted to come to the release.. but that it would be okay if I didn't too... just whatever I felt like. I just said it was up to him (even though I was dying to just jump in the car and race over there). He said he was fine either way, but that it would be really nice if I were there... So I jumped in the car and raced over there! Haha.

When I saw him for the first time, it was everything that I thought I didn't want. He wasn't released, so I couldn't hug him, and we had an audience of probably 10 people just staring at us. However, it wasn't embarrassing and horrific like I thought it would be! It was wonderful! It was hilarious! It really helped break the ice, actually! We were just kinda standing two or three feet apart and I was smiling and crying and he was smiling and not saying anything... and everyone was laughing! Then we shook hands for a few minutes (no really, we were shaking them!) as I continued to cry a little while the Ives' family friend Eric fed us lines like "Oh Nathan, it is so good to see you!" "I am so glad you are here!" etc. It was very funny, and perfect. I am so glad it happened the way that it did.

We went over to the stake center next and he was released, and it was great. It seemed so anti-climactic though, when the stake president was just like "well, okay then... you can take off your name tag. You're now released." I felt like there should be some big ta-do.. but after ALL of that time and service, it is just like "well, there ya go! You're done!" haha.. Of course he interviewed him for a while and talked to him more besides that.. but it was nice anyway.
The stake president gave him permission to hug me as we left the office, which was pretty funny (but awesome)... and ever since it's been perfect ;)

We went and saw my parents later that night too, which was so nice. I made Nathan ride in my bug with me to try and convert him to how awesome it is. He's always said he hated bugs so much, but I couldn't resist getting one when I needed a new car! I think it is growing on him because he has never really complained, even though I've given him a hard time about it ;)

The next night we carved pumpkins at his sister Rachel's house, which was really fun. I was all but dying at work all day to see him.. and I managed to control myself to just calling him once that afternoon.

Today I took the day off of work and we spent the whole day together. I only have one class on Thursdays and he came with me. We also went shopping for some MUCH NEEDED new clothes, which he let me pick out to my liking (yes it was SO fun, and he looks SO handsome). We then went to my Latter-Day Celebration Choir Halloween Party at my choir director's house. We dressed up as Samoans with our real Samoan clothes! I wore my Puletasi that he sent me the fabric for on my birthday. He said it was the most beautiful puletasi he has seen! (Hee hee.. I think he's probably a little biased, but it did turn out REALLY great.)

I am so happy he is home! I feel like smiling at every single person I pass in the hall or on the street. Everything is so much better than I ever let myself hope they would be! I was so afraid to let my hopes get too high before I knew what would actually happen.. but I never could have dreamed it could be this good!

I really wish I had brought my camera with me the night he came home! I forgot it as I flew out the door, but I've taken several pictures since for your enjoyment!

Here we are in our traditional Samoan Clothing:

Carving pumpkins at Rachel's house:

His new instrument of choice, the Ukulele:

Some of Nate's new clothes:

Here is a cute cute video I took of Nathan playing his Ukulele for me on Wednesday night:

Thursday, October 23, 2008

666.. but not the beast!

This was a tag from my Cousin Bethany. You pick the 6th pic out of your 6th file and post it. Then tag 6 of your friends to do the same!

Here's Mine:
This is Cara and Caitlin.. two sisters and my fabulous friends! Caitlin and I lived together in Provo for about 8 months. Caitlin and I drove to Santa Cruz, CA in the summer of 2007 to stay with her family for a week, and this picture was taken on Sunday, right before we went to church. That was probably one of the most fun vacations I have ever been on! Not only did we just bum around the gorgeous beaches of Santa Cruz, we also got to go up to San Francisco, which was amazing. I love these girls!

I am tagging Ellen, Beverly, Tara, Jenny, Gina, and Chelesta

In other news, Nathan comes home on Tuesday! That's four days! Ahhh!!! I am so so so giddy about it. -Don't worry, I will blog about it after ;)

Saturday, October 18, 2008

So Cute!!

Okay, I absolutely LOVE this commercial. I had to post it. Enjoy!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Good Ol' Fashioned Love Song

I've been thinking a lot about love songs lately. Why are there so many of them? Why are they all so different, and yet all so very alike? I know that I have my favorite love songs, but I wanted to know what other people considered to be a 'good love song'. So, I cast my net wide on facebook, looking for lots of different recommendations for other people's favorite love songs. I was quite surprised that I got a windfall of responses! For several days, people have been sending me literally LISTS of their favorites. I decided to compile some of these into a playlist HERE on my blog!

If you look to the right, you will see my playlist ------------->

(Sorry if it is a little difficult to scroll through. You can make the list scroll by clicking on the song at the bottom of the list, thus moving it to the top and scrolling in the process!)

I took at least one or two suggestions from each person, and made what I think is a really fun selection of eclectic love songs! Have fun browsing through them, and if you would like to share
your favorites too, leave me a comment and I might add them to the playlist!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Almost too good to be true...

About two weeks ago, I was hanging out at my brother's apartment in Provo when a calendar was left at their door. You know the kind.. teeny tiny calendar surrounded by perforated coupons. We've all gotten them before. I was mindlessly flipping through the thing when I came across a coupon from Goldsmith Company Jewelers. It said "Free Pearl Necklace" on it, followed underneath by 'no purchase necessary'. I thought, "This is too good to be true!" but I punched it out of the calendar and stuck it in my wallet anyway.

Today, a friend from work needed a lift home, so I offered to drop her off. She happened to live near Goldsmith jewelers, so I asked her if she wouldn't mind popping in there with me to see if it was legit. So we both went in, and I walked up to the counter and said doubtfully, "Hi, I was just wondering... is this real?" as I showed him the coupon. The guy assured me that it definitely IS real, and then he offered a free strand to my friend Tiffany too! He just asked for our name and address (probably to send a mailer or something, but that is okay because I love looking and jewelry.), and then he tied some clasps onto two strands. He put them in these cute little silky bags too! So so cute!! They are completely real too! You can tell by gently scraping the pearl against your teeth, and if it is grainy, it is real. If it is smooth, it is fake. These are most definitely real! He even cleaned Tiffany's wedding ring for her and it looked as good as new! He also said that we are now 'preferred customers' in their system too, so we can qualify to get any future purchases at 40% off!

He also let me try on some of the engagement rings in the case (come on, you all know you've faked it before to just try on the rings!) and I completely absolutely fell in love with one. However, we all know the need for that is a little while off still. (but we will see..)

I asked him how in the world they were able to give any average girl off the street free pearls, and he explained it all to me. He said that they decided that instead of spending a lot of money on ineffective advertising, they were doing very little printing of advertising (luring you in with the pearls..) and spending the rest on the bait (the necklaces, obviously). He said it's been working great because they get A LOT more people to actually come into the store and see what else they have to offer. Heck, they've already practically sold me that gorgeous ring! It sounds like a pretty smart business strategy to me. Especially because they handed out all of those calendars in college apartments, full of young people just dying to get married.. it is just brilliant I think.

I told my mom about it, and she said that my dad got her wedding ring from Goldsmith Jewelers back when they were ring shopping. That is pretty cool, huh? She also is very excited about the free pearls, and she is taking all of the girls from the costume shop down there tomorrow to get their free strands.

So, ladies, go and get your free 16 inch pearl necklaces! He told me to send in all of my friends for some, and you don't even need the coupon. He didn't take mine from me at all. They were all so so nice. It was a really fun experience.

The address is:

Goldsmith Co. Jewelers
120 N. University Ave.
Provo, UT 84601

So, go for it! It is 100% legit and super fun too!

Oh, by the way... only 24 more days until Nate comes home!

Monday, September 22, 2008

I'm 21 now!

Today is my birthday, and I've been such a lucky girl to celebrate it all weekend long! I've had so much fun and have pictures to prove it, and so I'll give you all the play-by-play:

Thursday night a friend set me up on a blind date to see the Alicia Keys concert in Salt Lake. It was an unexpected surprise! I didn't know I was going until the day-of. It was fun though, and the guy was really nice, and we had a great time. Alicia Keys is seriously super talented.. I do wonder, do you think 'Keys' is a stage name? It just seems so cliche that she is such a piano whiz and has the name 'Keys'. Who knows though, right? It was a fantastic concert!

Friday I had the day off of work, which was SO nice. The company I work for is so generous with paid time off. In addition to the amazing amount of PTO we get a year, you get your birthday off paid! (or any day you choose to have off, since I picked Friday instead of today.)
I got to have lunch with my dear friend Morgan, who recently got married. I got to check out their cute newly wed apartment, and catching up with her since the wedding was SO fun.

Friday afternoon, my friend Dan, his brother Ryan, and their friend Luke took me to the Little Sahara Sand Dunes for a weekend of four-wheeling! It was a blast! We camped there Friday night, and then spent all day Saturday four-wheeling. Here a few pictures of our adventures!

Luke, Ryan, Dan, and our redneck rig:

The boys taught me how to use a little scout water to get a good fire going:

Some fun off of the four-wheelers as well!! Here we are doing some dune jumping:

Utah really IS a desert.. I mean seriously, this looks like a different continent!

One of Dan's totally awesome four-wheelers.
This is where I spent most of my time (only seated, of course.)
You can't turn 21 without having a little fun, right?

Haha... Just kidding. It's only Huckleberry Soda :)

On the way home, even though we were dead tired, we stopped off at the most redneck place for dinner to top off our redneck weekend. There is a place called "Porters" on main street in Lehi that is about as redneck as you can get. It is a restaurant dedicated completely to Orrin Porter Rockwell. It's really interesting... you go inside and there is some kind of player piano music rambling in the background, and there are saws, mallets, whips, spurs, guns, and really old western portraits all over the walls. The stools at the bar were made from old tractor seats, and in the back of the place is a real log cabin, (which coincidentally belonged to Luke's great great grandfather.) The food was pretty good (really heavy, but good).. and the boys topped it off with my first 'beer' as a legal drinker... Haha. It's just pretend though, it was just Huckleberry soda. No worries!

Sunday we celebrated as a family and had Grandma Wadley over for dinner. We opened gifts and had cake and ice cream, and it was so fun! I FINALLY got to open my birthday present from Nathan, which I had gotten in the mail last Wednesday. I had been trying to save it for my birthday, but decided to open it with my family's gifts. Inside was lots and lots and lots of gorgeous traditional samoan fabric to make a traditional female Samoan costume out of! (pictures to come!) I am very excited to have something to work on now until he gets home in 34 days! He also had a couple of letters inside, as well as some new pictures. I scanned them in so you can see too. Doesn't he look handsome?! Of course I think so :)
In the last one, he is wearing the shirt I sent him for his birthday! It says "It's Uke and Me, Baby" on it... heh heh :)

Tonight mom, dad, Clint, and I went out to my favorite Thai place for dinner. The food was amazing as always. If you are into Thai food, I highly recommend this place. It is called "Spicey Thai", and is located on North University Avenue in Provo, right next to Magelby's Fresh. It's to die for!

Later tonight I went over to the Ives' house to show Nathan's parents the gift he had sent me. When I got there they surprised me with a bouquet of balloons and flowers and chocolate. They are so incredibly thoughtful! I just love them :)

So as you can see, it has been a fantastic marathon birthday weekend!! Thank you everybody for making it such a great one! I love you all!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Blog Tag!

I have been tagged by Becca

Link the person who tagged you. Mention the rules on your blog.
Tell about 6 unspectacular quirks of yours.
Tag 6 fellow bloggers by linking them.
Leave a comment on each of the tagged bloggers blogs
letting them know they have been tagged.

Quirk #1: Drinking Fountains
I am not a germ-a-phobe, but I am VERY particular about drinking fountains. It has to be a clean-looking drinking fountain for me to really drink out of it.. Or else a time-tested drinking fountain that I am familiar with and know has good water. It also has to be a very cold drinking fountain, and it has to put out a lot of water at once. I hate those little spitty ones. Usually I'd rather go thirsty than drink out of a questionable drinking fountain.
My favorite drinking fountains: There is one on the main floor of the Richards Building at BYU just inside the North door that is perfect. My other favorites are backstage at the Conference Center Theater, and also the one in my home stake center just outside of the Stake Offices. Yumm :)

Quirk #2: Disney Makes Me Cry
Okay, so Disneyland and Disneyworld are supposedly the most magical places on earth. Well, after our vacation to Walt Disney World this past Christmas, I totally believe it. My parents raised us on Disney movies, and we made frequent trips to Disneyland.. but this was my first time back to a Disney park as an adult. Standing outside of the Magic Kingdom's gates and watching the opening ceremony they have.. I started getting really emotional!! I am even feeling a little emotional right now thinking about it! I don't know how to describe it except it kinda felt like I was feeling the spirit! I think it had to do with so many familiar happy childhood memories flooding back.. and all of the little kids around us who were so excited they were unable to even control themselves.. It was just so touching! I was a little weirded out about it though, and when I talked to my Dad about it, he said he was feeling a little moved himself (and that is shocking, actually!) He said to me "If the Gospel wasn't true, Disney's got it pretty good." Ha ha... that made me laugh pretty hard :)

Quirk #3: Sniffing Milk
I am scared of the smell of spoiled milk, and if it is even a day or two before the expiration date, I pretty much stay away from it. If someone else is in the room, I will make them sniff it for me. If no one else is around, I avoid the milk and find something else to eat.

Quirk #4:Babies, Puppies, and Cute-ness in General
Whenever I see cute babies or puppies or darling baby animals, I get so excited that I experience what I call a 'Cute Overload.' Nathan teases me about this because I squeal and barely control myself, really. I just love cute things, okay?

Quirk #5: The Silent Treatment
I do not think that this is really all that quirky, actually. I know plenty of people who don't like the silent treatment, but I REALLY do not like it. It is not productive, doesn't solve any problems, and basically is outright childish. That's all I have to say about that. Just so you know, I will never give you the silent treatment.

Quirk #6: Nature, Music, and Color Euphoria
Whenever I am out in nature, or I see a painting that I really connect to, or hear a song that really moves me, I feel this deep swelling in my chest, and I feel a pleasant spinny dizziness in my head! I know that may sound weird, but the only thing I can really think of is maybe I am getting some kind of natural high? I don't know, but I think this strong reaction to what I consider beauty fuels my passion for these three things. I always have to shut my eyes and breath in deeply whenever this happens. I'm not sure, but am I high on life?

I am tagging:

Sunday, September 7, 2008

School again!

Hi All - I am back in school again, and have been for almost 2 weeks. My classes are going pretty well, and shouldn't be too hard.
I am especially excited for my Environmental Health class. I know I'm a health nerd and it might sound pretty boring to all of you, but we discuss all sorts of awesome illnesses and health threats from anything like groundwater contamination to restaurant sanitation and beyond. Its a good discussion class too, which I thrive in. My professor is an adjunct professor that is a health inspector for the Utah County Health department for his 9 to 5 job.. and I can just tell I'm goi
ng to get a lot out of this semester.

Tonight was the worldwide CES Broadcast with Elder Holland, and I got to be part of the choir that sang for it. The Orem Institute (where I do the Latter-Day Celebration Choir) put together the choir and it had about 400 people! It was such great music.

If you missed it, you can check it out HERE!

Apparently from what people tell me I got quite a bit of face time on camera, but of course I haven't seen it so I don't really know.

Nathan's mom called me today and told me that she got his travel itinerary in her email last night! He is arriving around 7pm on October 28th. I am SO excited! 49 more days! Well, life is going alright for now! Love you all!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Happy Katy!

Two letters today! Happy Katy Happy Katy!! 60 more days...

Monday, August 25, 2008

Timp Hike!

Mount Timpanogos, elevation 11,749, is one of the biggest mountains that overlooks the Utah and Heber valleys, second only to Mount Nebo.
For as long as I can remember I have wanted to conquer this geological monster that has silently stared at me my whole life. My brother Clint has hiked it several times, and each time he tries to get me to go, but I just didn't feel ready. I've always been scared of starting it and then freaking out and not being able to finish it. I know most people from the Utah Valley area have climbed Timp.. and since I think of it as a sort of rite of passage, I knew I had to eventually conquer the mountain (and my fears and hangups about it!)
Finally I felt ready, and this time I asked Clint to hike it with ME! We recruited two other guys, Adam and Spencer, to hike it with us and we set out about 1:30 am on Friday night/Saturday morning. It took us just under 5 hours to get to the top (all the way to the top mind you, not just the saddle!) and it was incredible! We got there just in time to watch the sunrise, and it was one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen in my life!
This was probably the hardest hike I've ever done, coming out at just about 19 miles round trip, but it was SO worth it (despite the last two hours of the way up being loose shale switchbacks!). Once we were on the top, I was pretty scared. There are 1,000 foot drop offs up there! One wrong step and you're dead! -and it is pretty easy to step incorrectly when you are really really tired like that!
We were all fine though, and I really enjoyed the hike. It was a perfect day and the company was awesome! I am so proud to say I finally made peace with the giant relic that watched me grow up in it's big 'ol shadow :) I took some pictures to prove it, so here you go!

P.s. I finally got some email from Samoa today... at last!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Charlie bit my finger...

Best YouTube video ever, hands down! I have watched this so many times, it is hilarious!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Not much to say, really..

Hi guys... there isn't much to say, but I thought I would give a tiny update as it is.

School starts next week again for me! Is it weird that I am getting excited? I am almost done with my subject classes, and then all that will be left will be the education classes. Hopefully I will be all done in about a year!

For those who don't know, I am majoring in Secondary Education (high school teacher) in the subjects of Health, Anatomy, and Biology (in that order of enjoyment..haha)
I would love to teach lots of different kinds of health classes, but sadly the vast majority of schools do not want exclusive health teachers. You have to be able to teach more than one subject. That is where the life sciences come in. I used to be nursing major, and so all of the classes I did for that play right into a state endorsement in the life sciences.

For the last two years I have participated in the Latter-Day Celebration Choir (LDC), the performing/traveling auditioned choral group at the Orem Institute of Religion. I am doing it again this year, and have been asked to write the script for our spring tour show. I am feeling the pressure already and it isn't for nine months! It is about 'Witnesses of Christ' -specifically prophets in the scriptures who bore witness of Christ, gave prophecies of his coming, saw him physically, etc. Also modern prophets who bear testimony of him and have given prophecies about his second coming. It also will touch on our own personal testimonies and the importance of gaining, building, and sustaining your testimony. I think I would also like to touch on missionaries somehow.. as they are taking their testimonies to the whole world! How I will fit all of that into one script is a really good question.
Please if you have any good ideas/scriptures/scripture stories/talks etc. to recommend, I would REALLY appreciate it. There is just so much! What are your personal favorites? What stories/experiences etc. have touched you personally?

Still no email from Nathan to anybody... sigh. 6 weeks now. I will take comfort in the fact that he will be home in 10 weeks! That does make me feel better. *ahhh*

I have been watching the Olympics like the rest of the world! I bet most of you have been watching too. Aren't the Olympics great? I really wish they would broadcast these really cool sports more often! I would be more inclined to watch sports on television if they were sports that you usually don't get to see like this! One thing that is unique about the Olympics I have observed that cannot be recreated on a regular basis is the camaraderie between countries, and the pride in your own country. It is awesome to always have somebody to cheer for! Go team USA! When it comes down to things like the cowboys and the lions, who do you cheer for? Why should I cheer for them? The USA is something I know I can always cheer for.

Well that's all for now! I love you all!

Oh, and this is Nikko, our adorable neighbor dog. She comes and visits a lot. She's so cute!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

The Wadley House in Summer

This summer has been an interesting one! Almost everyone has been gone around here except for me. Clint is down in Provo, Mom has been in Nauvoo for the past 6 weeks, Dad has been on numerous trips with the young men in the home ward.. and strangely I have found myself alone for weeks at a time on and off all summer long. This has really given me more appreciation for all of the work Dad does in the yard. Who knew moving back home would create so much unexpected responsibility? True Dad does get the summer off from teaching school, but keeping up with the huge yard and garden is pretty much a full time job! -and I haven't done nearly what Dad would do if he were here, just what Dad instructed to keep things from going berserk! (well, I did pick a zucchini today that looked like a cross between a baseball bat and a football... maybe I should read the instructions again...)
Working hard and getting great results really does give me a lot of satisfaction.. not to mention all of the delicious vegetables straight out of the ground. Most of all, my favorite thing about the yard is our zinnias. They are absolutely spectacular! They are so gorgeous and hearty.. they last for more than a week after you pick them! I am constantly bringing them into the house. Another great thing is that they continuously bloom from late summer all the way into October when it freezes. I took some pictures so that you can all see for yourself! Enjoy!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

No Email :(

It has been 4 weeks since anybody has gotten an email from Nathan :( I'm sad and miss the use of my rare email privileges! We have gotten letters though.. so at least we know he's alive. Our theory is that the school on the island is out for the summer, and so he doesn't have access to computers. Oh well, I'll just look at this picture for now! Woah... look at that tall handsome white guy!

Faces of Millions

So I found this awesome project called "Faces of Millions." It is going to be a large-scale photo mosaic that is three stories high made up of one million thumb-nail sized pictures of people's faces! If you go to this site, you can submit your own photo (only one per email address) to be included in this project. I think it is really cool! I did it - maybe you would like to as well?

Here's the link:

Go make some art!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Orange Song

One of the things I have been learning to do better this summer (with the help of my friend Alex) is songwriting. I've been playing the guitar for a couple of years now.. but I'd only ever really played other people's music. So, after lots of post-it notes all over my desk at work, I've succeeded in writing several songs! This one is probably one of my favorites, and since my friend Erin loves it so much, I thought I would record it. Hopefully it lives up to the fame that Erin has spread about it. I make a few mistakes, but oh well - it adds character, right?

*I've had a request to post the lyrics, so here they are :)*

Orange you glad we met?
You peeled me open, I can't forget
the sections of my heart exposed,
it smelled so sweetly..

Oh love, Oh love,
pick me up and take me home.
So love, So love,
Orange you glad we met?

Growing out the ground,
You're the tree that I have found.
Your branches pick me up and, oh,
it feels so sweetly..

Oh love, Oh love,
pick me up and take me home.
So love, So love,
Orange you glad we met?

The juicy way you speak,
it tingles my tongue and sings me to sleep.
I always thirst without repose,
I drink it deeply.

Oh the sweetest sounds, the bluebirds above are making!
Oooooh Oooohh Oooooooh Ooooooooh (2x)

Oh love, Oh love,
Pick me up and take me home.
So love, So love,
Orange you glad we met?
Go love, Go love, Orange you glad we met?

The golden seeds we throw,
we spread them around for nature to grow.
They gently wake and rise, and so
I see them briefly

Oh love, Oh love,
Pick me up and take me home.
So love, So love,
Orange you glad we met?
Go love, Go love,
pick me up and take me home.
Go love, Go love,

Orange you glad I'm yours?

Best Summer Ever!

This summer has been so great!! I have learned to do so many new things, and have had the opportunity to make memories that will last forever! Take a look at some pictures of some of the things I've been up to the last two months: