Meet My Family

Nathan the Husband:

Self-taught builder of guitars, maker of knives and household items, musician, electrical engineer, and genius.  Works as a research assistant in the electrical engineering department at Brigham Young University.  He's set to graduate with his undergrad in April 2013, and then we're off to grad school. He tells me how much he loves me at least 5 times a day, which is just enough to keep me happy.

Evelyn, AKA Evie:

Our little blond, curly-headed, blue-eyed beauty. Born July 2011, she is like my ultimate science project where I attempt to teach her all that I know, feed her nutritious food, and get her to give kisses and hugs on cue.  My life revolves around this child, as it should.


Talented seamstress and designer.  Actress of local fame, and talented chef.  The caretaker of our family and one of my very best friends. You can see her in her latest movie project, 17 Miracles, which was released in June 2011.


Passionate scientist and nature lover. Teacher of teenagers, grower of vegetables, whisperer of all things green.  Best dad to make a girl feel like his favorite daughter ever. Which I am.


Big brother and future doctor.  Fellow science lover, computer builder, photo developer, and animal adorer.  Currently works at a hospital laboratory processing all of those expensive tests your doctor orders for you.  My only sibling and best friend growing up.


Nathan's mother and my loving mother-in-law.  Anchor of the family and cool head when things get dicey.  Lover of gardening, cooking, snuggling babies, and everything related to music.


Nathan's father and my awesome father-in-law.  Sometimes appears tough, but I know he's a softy and I can make him smile with any corny joke or funny story.  Always has a joke to share, and is a very talented craftsman.  He owns the woodturning shop where Nathan is employed.

The Sisters:

Rachel, Rebecca, and Renae.  Nathan's sisters, and my sisters now too. (I have sisters! Yahoo!) Great sisters who make me feel like I am one of them and have always been.


My best friend and closest thing I have to a blood-related sister. We are often either mistaken for each other, or presumed to be sisters/cousins. She is a lover of the arts, recently graduated in humanities from BYU, and recently moved to Spain to be nearer to her Latin love, Ulises. You can read more about her here:

Charissa & Keith

Our best couple friends. Charissa and I are BFF's, and Keith and Nathan are BFF's, too.  It works out perfectly.  Charissa and I love to shop together, do crafts, and play sims, on occasion.  Keith and Nathan love to go fishing, shooting, or over to the wood shop to build nifty little things like chess sets, walking sticks, cabinets, etc.  They may as well be family, since we probably spend as much time with them as we do our blood relations.