Wednesday, September 17, 2008

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I have been tagged by Becca

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Quirk #1: Drinking Fountains
I am not a germ-a-phobe, but I am VERY particular about drinking fountains. It has to be a clean-looking drinking fountain for me to really drink out of it.. Or else a time-tested drinking fountain that I am familiar with and know has good water. It also has to be a very cold drinking fountain, and it has to put out a lot of water at once. I hate those little spitty ones. Usually I'd rather go thirsty than drink out of a questionable drinking fountain.
My favorite drinking fountains: There is one on the main floor of the Richards Building at BYU just inside the North door that is perfect. My other favorites are backstage at the Conference Center Theater, and also the one in my home stake center just outside of the Stake Offices. Yumm :)

Quirk #2: Disney Makes Me Cry
Okay, so Disneyland and Disneyworld are supposedly the most magical places on earth. Well, after our vacation to Walt Disney World this past Christmas, I totally believe it. My parents raised us on Disney movies, and we made frequent trips to Disneyland.. but this was my first time back to a Disney park as an adult. Standing outside of the Magic Kingdom's gates and watching the opening ceremony they have.. I started getting really emotional!! I am even feeling a little emotional right now thinking about it! I don't know how to describe it except it kinda felt like I was feeling the spirit! I think it had to do with so many familiar happy childhood memories flooding back.. and all of the little kids around us who were so excited they were unable to even control themselves.. It was just so touching! I was a little weirded out about it though, and when I talked to my Dad about it, he said he was feeling a little moved himself (and that is shocking, actually!) He said to me "If the Gospel wasn't true, Disney's got it pretty good." Ha ha... that made me laugh pretty hard :)

Quirk #3: Sniffing Milk
I am scared of the smell of spoiled milk, and if it is even a day or two before the expiration date, I pretty much stay away from it. If someone else is in the room, I will make them sniff it for me. If no one else is around, I avoid the milk and find something else to eat.

Quirk #4:Babies, Puppies, and Cute-ness in General
Whenever I see cute babies or puppies or darling baby animals, I get so excited that I experience what I call a 'Cute Overload.' Nathan teases me about this because I squeal and barely control myself, really. I just love cute things, okay?

Quirk #5: The Silent Treatment
I do not think that this is really all that quirky, actually. I know plenty of people who don't like the silent treatment, but I REALLY do not like it. It is not productive, doesn't solve any problems, and basically is outright childish. That's all I have to say about that. Just so you know, I will never give you the silent treatment.

Quirk #6: Nature, Music, and Color Euphoria
Whenever I am out in nature, or I see a painting that I really connect to, or hear a song that really moves me, I feel this deep swelling in my chest, and I feel a pleasant spinny dizziness in my head! I know that may sound weird, but the only thing I can really think of is maybe I am getting some kind of natural high? I don't know, but I think this strong reaction to what I consider beauty fuels my passion for these three things. I always have to shut my eyes and breath in deeply whenever this happens. I'm not sure, but am I high on life?

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Tara said...

You are so cute!! Thanks for the tag, tune in to our blog for the quirkyness of Tara.
Love ya!
PS totally agree with #6, I love seeing and hearing beautiful things. It really does give you a natural high!