Monday, October 19, 2009

The great painting caper begins!

We are systematically taking on the task of fixing and painting the walls in our apartment. When we moved in, there were LOTS of holes in the walls, and so it needed to be done really badly. We worked it out with our landlords to figure the cost into our rent, which is great because I can make things look the way I want them to. Muah ha ha! The first room I did about a month ago was the bathroom. You can't tell in this picture all that well, but in addition to the holes in the walls, the paint job was a badly done feux finish in a very repulsive mauve color. Bleh! I'd say our blue is a very big improvement!



We painted the living room this weekend, and it looks fabulous! Pictures to come!


Rachael Thomas said...

Cute! I wish I could paint the walls of this apartment! I would take down the curtains... the awful huge painting of pears and pineapples... oh the list goes on. It's nice it gets taken out of your rent too. I love the bathroom colors.

annette said...

Sounds ambitious. Nothing makes me happier than a home project that works out. Love it. Good luck and keep the before and afters coming.