Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Love is the answer.

I have discovered a new radio station that has really caught my interest. Maybe you have already heard of it? It is called KLOVE, and here in Utah Valley it broadcasts on the signal 90.5 FM. It is basically a Christian alternative rock station. As far as I can tell they are non-denominational Christians, broadcasting from somewhere in the Carolinas, and possibly sometimes Texas? Anyway, After investigating their "Beliefs" section of their website, I agree with almost every point of their ideology... and after becoming a pretty regular listener during my commute, I have learned to appreciate their whole "let's get together and pray for everybody" kind of attitude.

The majority of my readers will already know that am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (aka Mormon). For those of you who may be unfamiliar with Mormonism, we are Christian, and believe in Jesus Christ as our Savior and Redeemer. We believe that it is through His atoning sacrifice that we may be redeemed. I also want to make a note that we strongly believe in prayer and strive to pray several times daily. I am not always perfect at this, but I try my best and am hopefully always progressing forward. We also believe that the Bible is the true word of God, and we do study it continually as part of our worship services, and also in our personal study.

....These are just a few of many things I believe that I have in common with the most of the KLOVE listeners.

I must admit that at first I wasn't so sure about this Christian alternative station... After listening to it with Nathan several times, I asked him how he felt about it. He said that he felt it was a little bit irreverent sometimes. I thought about it more over the next few days, and I could see a little bit of what he meant. In our church we are taught to use the words "thee" and "thou" instead of "you" when addressing our Heavenly Father. We believe that using the thee/thou terminology is a way of showing respect to God when addressing Him directly. Many of these musicians and radio DJ's opt to use the more casual "you" in this situation.

As I thought more about this, I realized that it didn't really bother me very much. Sure, I myself would not use these casual terms, but these people believe differently than I do in this regard. This does not discredit their testimonies. I believe Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father are a powerful force in these musicians lives, and I really like that. It is nice to hear something uplifting coming from the radio, isn't it?

I like what this radio station does for me. It helps me to remember to think about Jesus Christ more frequently during my day, and to take comfort in remembering my real purpose here on earth.

Below is a video of a song that really brought me peace today on my commute home from work. Often my brain feels fatigued and cranky on my way home, and too often I bring this attitude back to Nathan, and that is not very nice. I always try to mentally fight it so that I'm not such a downer when I walk through the door, and today this song about Love really made me turn my mental attitude around. It filled my heart with peace and made me feel good about what I am doing with my life. Take a listen, and be inspired :)

P.s. If you are wondering more about Mormonism, please visit Mormon.org


S.I.F. said...

I am starting to really love Christian alternative! Living in Alaska though, we are severely short for decent radio stations. My XM doesn't even work in my car!

Penelope said...

That is interesting - I was listening to Klove this morning! It's 91.1 here in Denver.. I find, like you said, that its very helpful to keep my thoughts Christ-oriented throughout the day. :) Very encouraging! If you like Brandon Heath, check out Tenth Avenue North.

Janeal said...

Ahh! That's perfect! I have been looking for a good radio station. It seems like every other station has some pretty crappy music on it. Thanks for sharing, Katy!

JanuskieZ said...

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Becky said...

Hey I also listen to KLove. I try to listen to it everyday. I couldn't agree with you more that it keeps me focused and thinking about God. I really like your blog! :)

Carli said...

Wow. Beautiful song. It is so refreshing to find someone who is not afraid to talk about her love for God in her blog. Keep writing. You are wonderful.