Thursday, September 16, 2010

I wish EVERYDAY was test day!

I've been having some power struggles with my students this week. On Tuesday, I felt like:


Wednesday was a bit better...

....and today, my students are angels.

Why you ask? I gave them a big test. That is right, a big, fat, unit exam. They have looked like this all day:

No, these are not actually my students,
I would DIE if I had that many students in each class!
I mean... I do have almost 40 kids per class, but this would be ridiculous ;)

This is a really really big deal for me, because they usually look like this:

These aren't my students either, thank goodness.
I have big enough problems of my own.
Oh, and my students aren't this nicely dressed, either.

Monday is the first day that I am being evaluated by my university supervisor in health. Wish me luck! We are starting lessons on Self-Esteem next week.


Morgan said...

Good luck! You will do awesome are so comfortable in front of people! I hated being observed because I am not articulate when I know someone is scrutinizing and watching my every move. Props to you for being able to teach high school! Sometimes I think I will go back and get a secondary license...on days where my students are surrounding me like an inner tube wherever I go.

Katy said...

Hahaha! Inner tube. That is an awesome visual.

Erin Marie said...

Oh Katy, you are wonderful! I missed you at choir yesterday.. I alone represented the altos. It was scary.