Wednesday, February 6, 2013 Product Review

A couple of weeks ago, an online optical store called contacted me about reviewing one of their products. They offered to send me one pair of glasses for free in exchange for an honest review of their product.  So, here it is!  Nothing like free stuff to make me feel a little bit famous! :) Global Online Optical Store

For the last few days, I have been sporting some new glasses.  I decided to get some that were a little more trendy than I usually do.  I like to think of them as my "sassy librarian" glasses. Anyone who knows me understands my love of all things retro, and these definitely fit in that category.

The glasses on are very inexpensive, which makes it a little easier to choose something a little more trendy.  The glasses that I chose are only $28! That price includes the cost of the prescription lenses and the frames!  Amazing! They also sell non-prescription glasses and sunglasses (prescription and nonprescription), too.  I was able to obtain my prescription from my eye doctor, and the website gives you very easy instructions on how to enter in your prescription if that is what you need.

The service was really really fast. I had my glasses in the same amount of time (about a week or so), as it usually takes to get your glasses at a local store like America's Best.  I couldn't believe how quickly they arrived!  They also came with a really nice hard case, a cleaning cloth, a soft sleeve case, and a key chain eyeglass repair kit.

As for the quality of the glasses, they are quite lightweight - which for someone like me is a very good thing. If I have anything too heavy on my head for very long I get yucky headaches. So far, these glasses have only given me a headache on the first day that I wore them, which is normal for me. Today I have been wearing them all day (about 12 hours), and no headache at all. I also noticed that the prescription is perfect and there wasn't any adjustment period where I felt like I was looking through distorted lenses.  That being said, they are not the most durable glasses I have owned. They feel like they might easily break because they are so lightweight. But, considering the price, I definitely think they are worth what you pay - if not a bit more.

So are you intrigued? Would you like to try them out for yourself?  You are in luck! You can try some glasses yourself for free!* This company offers a first free pair of glasses to everyone! Click on this link to lead you to the website where you can choose your own free glasses. I would definitely do it if I were you.

*You pay minimal shipping charges.

You can also check out my video review here: