Thursday, October 2, 2008

Almost too good to be true...

About two weeks ago, I was hanging out at my brother's apartment in Provo when a calendar was left at their door. You know the kind.. teeny tiny calendar surrounded by perforated coupons. We've all gotten them before. I was mindlessly flipping through the thing when I came across a coupon from Goldsmith Company Jewelers. It said "Free Pearl Necklace" on it, followed underneath by 'no purchase necessary'. I thought, "This is too good to be true!" but I punched it out of the calendar and stuck it in my wallet anyway.

Today, a friend from work needed a lift home, so I offered to drop her off. She happened to live near Goldsmith jewelers, so I asked her if she wouldn't mind popping in there with me to see if it was legit. So we both went in, and I walked up to the counter and said doubtfully, "Hi, I was just wondering... is this real?" as I showed him the coupon. The guy assured me that it definitely IS real, and then he offered a free strand to my friend Tiffany too! He just asked for our name and address (probably to send a mailer or something, but that is okay because I love looking and jewelry.), and then he tied some clasps onto two strands. He put them in these cute little silky bags too! So so cute!! They are completely real too! You can tell by gently scraping the pearl against your teeth, and if it is grainy, it is real. If it is smooth, it is fake. These are most definitely real! He even cleaned Tiffany's wedding ring for her and it looked as good as new! He also said that we are now 'preferred customers' in their system too, so we can qualify to get any future purchases at 40% off!

He also let me try on some of the engagement rings in the case (come on, you all know you've faked it before to just try on the rings!) and I completely absolutely fell in love with one. However, we all know the need for that is a little while off still. (but we will see..)

I asked him how in the world they were able to give any average girl off the street free pearls, and he explained it all to me. He said that they decided that instead of spending a lot of money on ineffective advertising, they were doing very little printing of advertising (luring you in with the pearls..) and spending the rest on the bait (the necklaces, obviously). He said it's been working great because they get A LOT more people to actually come into the store and see what else they have to offer. Heck, they've already practically sold me that gorgeous ring! It sounds like a pretty smart business strategy to me. Especially because they handed out all of those calendars in college apartments, full of young people just dying to get married.. it is just brilliant I think.

I told my mom about it, and she said that my dad got her wedding ring from Goldsmith Jewelers back when they were ring shopping. That is pretty cool, huh? She also is very excited about the free pearls, and she is taking all of the girls from the costume shop down there tomorrow to get their free strands.

So, ladies, go and get your free 16 inch pearl necklaces! He told me to send in all of my friends for some, and you don't even need the coupon. He didn't take mine from me at all. They were all so so nice. It was a really fun experience.

The address is:

Goldsmith Co. Jewelers
120 N. University Ave.
Provo, UT 84601

So, go for it! It is 100% legit and super fun too!

Oh, by the way... only 24 more days until Nate comes home!


Beverly B. said...

How fun! I love free stuff.

Jess said...

I'm so glad you posted this my pearl neckless broke the other day so now I need a new one.. :) You are my hero now.. :)

Tara said...

wow, something that is too good to be true, really is true. That never happens.
Enjoy your necklace.
Love you

Happy Stueck Family! said...

That is where Jeff got my ring, as well. I love it, but the diamond is shattered...I didn't even know thy could do that. Whatever happened to "diamonds are forever"? Apparently, the setting Jeff put it into made it break. I realized it was broken whilst in Walmart (because of the florescent lights, I guess). I just started sobbing and didnt stop until I made it to the checkout isle. Good thing it was like one in the morning, so no one really noticed. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Katy!

Thanks for reading my journal; it's really cool to have someone besides my friends and family read about a particular experience. I am a volunteer teacher. You must know my roommate! Who is your friend, here?