Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Best Week of my Life So Far!

That's right! Nathan is home! He got home on the 28th (Tuesday), and ever since then I have been meaning to blog.. but for some strange reason I have been verrrry busy lately ;) haha!

So here is how it all happened!
Tuesday, I worked pretty late (on purpose. I needed to keep my mind occupied). When I got home, I fixed myself up cute, and waited for the phone to ring. Nathan and I had agreed that we'd see each other after he was released, and without other people around. I thought I would be embarrassed with everyone watching me get emotional, or if people had expectations and it was awkward, I didn't want to have witnesses.

But it didn't happen that way...

Nathan's mom called me around 8:30pm and said that his appointment to be released had been pushed back to 9pm, and Nate was wondering if I wanted to come to the release.. but that it would be okay if I didn't too... just whatever I felt like. I just said it was up to him (even though I was dying to just jump in the car and race over there). He said he was fine either way, but that it would be really nice if I were there... So I jumped in the car and raced over there! Haha.

When I saw him for the first time, it was everything that I thought I didn't want. He wasn't released, so I couldn't hug him, and we had an audience of probably 10 people just staring at us. However, it wasn't embarrassing and horrific like I thought it would be! It was wonderful! It was hilarious! It really helped break the ice, actually! We were just kinda standing two or three feet apart and I was smiling and crying and he was smiling and not saying anything... and everyone was laughing! Then we shook hands for a few minutes (no really, we were shaking them!) as I continued to cry a little while the Ives' family friend Eric fed us lines like "Oh Nathan, it is so good to see you!" "I am so glad you are here!" etc. It was very funny, and perfect. I am so glad it happened the way that it did.

We went over to the stake center next and he was released, and it was great. It seemed so anti-climactic though, when the stake president was just like "well, okay then... you can take off your name tag. You're now released." I felt like there should be some big ta-do.. but after ALL of that time and service, it is just like "well, there ya go! You're done!" haha.. Of course he interviewed him for a while and talked to him more besides that.. but it was nice anyway.
The stake president gave him permission to hug me as we left the office, which was pretty funny (but awesome)... and ever since it's been perfect ;)

We went and saw my parents later that night too, which was so nice. I made Nathan ride in my bug with me to try and convert him to how awesome it is. He's always said he hated bugs so much, but I couldn't resist getting one when I needed a new car! I think it is growing on him because he has never really complained, even though I've given him a hard time about it ;)

The next night we carved pumpkins at his sister Rachel's house, which was really fun. I was all but dying at work all day to see him.. and I managed to control myself to just calling him once that afternoon.

Today I took the day off of work and we spent the whole day together. I only have one class on Thursdays and he came with me. We also went shopping for some MUCH NEEDED new clothes, which he let me pick out to my liking (yes it was SO fun, and he looks SO handsome). We then went to my Latter-Day Celebration Choir Halloween Party at my choir director's house. We dressed up as Samoans with our real Samoan clothes! I wore my Puletasi that he sent me the fabric for on my birthday. He said it was the most beautiful puletasi he has seen! (Hee hee.. I think he's probably a little biased, but it did turn out REALLY great.)

I am so happy he is home! I feel like smiling at every single person I pass in the hall or on the street. Everything is so much better than I ever let myself hope they would be! I was so afraid to let my hopes get too high before I knew what would actually happen.. but I never could have dreamed it could be this good!

I really wish I had brought my camera with me the night he came home! I forgot it as I flew out the door, but I've taken several pictures since for your enjoyment!

Here we are in our traditional Samoan Clothing:

Carving pumpkins at Rachel's house:

His new instrument of choice, the Ukulele:

Some of Nate's new clothes:

Here is a cute cute video I took of Nathan playing his Ukulele for me on Wednesday night:


Beverly B. said...

That's awesome. I love reading about your life. I'm so happy for you guys.

Kaitlin said...

Katy, that is so cute! I'm so happy for you. I hope things keep going so well :)

Angela said...

Oh you both look soooo happy! I am so excited for you Katy! And that song he sang at the end was so cute! I bet you just love that! Thanks for sharing your exciting news! You're so awesome to wait for him and be such a support to him on his mission. I bet that was really important to him. I hope everything continues to go well!

Tara said...

Oh my gosh, you guys look adorable together!!! I hope things continue to go amazing and keep us posted!!!
Love you!

Kate Reeves said...

I am so glad that you and Nate are so happy. It sounds like an exciting time in your life, I look forward to seeing more pictures!!!


Rachel Cutler said...

Katy! I think nathan would be so embarrassed if he knew that was up here! But I'm so glad you shared. How cute. :)

Gina Herrera said...

OH MY WORD! You both are perfect for each other! HOLY MOLY! HE SINGS TO YOU!!! I'm so happy for you Katy!!! You guys are so cute!

lvs2dance said...

Katy i am so happy that you are so happy! I hope that whatever happens is exactly what you are wanting (did that make sense?) You are a cute couple though! HOW EXCITING!!!

Deedee said...

How very exciting! You two look really good together and very happy. We'll be waiting to see what happens next. This is the best time of your life, Katy so really enjoy it all.
Love, Aunt Debbie

Happy Stueck Family! said...

You guys are too cute! he looks all grown up now! You are gorgeous, as always, in your Samoan dress. It is beautiful. I got your tag, by the way. I havent been blogging for a while. Hope all is going well...