Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Really Quick...

I am here at my parent's house using their internet because...


My new apartment doesn't have any! Bah! Who knew how completely dependent I am on the internet?? Not only is it pretty much essential to see what people are up to (blogs and facebook), it is nearly impossible to do the vast majority of my homework for the education program. Interestingly, most of my classes have at least a portion of their assignments as blog posts and our teachers subscribe to them. If you have ever been bored enough to see that I have several other blogs, or if you have ever been bored enough to actually try and read them, I commend you. These are what those blogs are for. Sometime if you want to be put to sleep, feel free to read a couple :P

Anyway, I am currently printing out a paper I wrote on Hugo Chaves vs. Myself. I wrote an autobiography on myself, and then I wrote a biography on Hugo, and now I am printing out the paper that I wrote where I compare myself to Hugo. Surprisingly, despite my lack of communist views, we have quite a bit in common. In fact, in some respects he is a half decent guy. Let me repeat IN SOME RESPECTS. When I voiced this opinion to my mother, she openly called him Satan.. so I hope my very mellow asian teacher doesn't openly oppose my paper as much as my mom. Considering it is a multicultural education class, I have a feeling she will probably be open minded.

Well, I am sure you want an update on how married life is going. It is FABULOUS!! I LOVE IT!! Being married is so fun! Our little apartment is adorable and much cuter than I remembered before. I believe this was because when we actually viewed the apartment first it was filthy dirty and overcrowded with big furniture. However, now we have made it very cute and homey. I have pictures on my camera to post here, which I will eventually get to... Next time the internet and my camera are in the same place at once.

I also want to tell you loads about our fabulous honeymoon, but I again will wait until I have my camera because I want to share the pictures with you then.

Well lovelies... life and love are wonderful :)
Have a wonderful day!


lvs2dance said...

Oh little love bird! I am so happy that life is so BLISSFUL!!! LOL
I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE ALL THE WEDDING AND HONEYMOON PICS!!!! hurry and don't make us wait tooo long to read about it all!

Tara said...

Yeah, I am glad to see you back. Sorry about not having the internet at home, bummer! It was so wonderful to see you!! Thank you again for inviting us! I LOVED it so much and I LOVED seeing you two there in the right place doing the right things. AHHH, it's heaven isn't it?
Love you tons and can't wait for all the honeymoon details (well not ALL the details :)