Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Wedding Day!

Hello friends! So, I don’t have any pictures from the photographer yet, and nobody in the wedding party was taking photos. But, my adorable Aunt Barbie sent me these that she took of the wedding day, and I was so excited!! I still haven’t seen any pictures besides these… and it was so nice to actually see these. It made me feel excited all over again :) It was such a wonderful, beautiful day.
When I get some photos from the photographer I will post them , too!

Coming out of the temple:

Mom and I outside the temple…. I love my cute mommy :)

Happy day!

Love him!!

The New Improved, Wadley Family! :)

My beautiful family at the beautiful reception:

Me and my cousin’s little girl, Haley:

Clint and his girlfriend, Allison:


Charles Donaldson said...

Love the pictures Katy. I love that it's my blurry arm next to Allison in the last picture.

Mike and Sara said...

Katy you looked beautiful! What an awesome dress. I am so sad we missed it but we were out of town... I'm glad I found your blog though! Now I can blogstalk you :)