Saturday, October 22, 2011

Making Goals

A couple of weeks ago, Nathan and I sat down to make some goals. We had some things we wanted to improve, and so we put them on paper. Mine are:

1. Read scriptures daily for at least 10 minutes, and use my scripture journal.

2. Do one household chore each day. (at least).

3. Lose 3 inches from my waist by our wedding anniversary. (March 13th).

I think writing things down makes you accountable. So, even though I wrote them in my journal, I thought it would be cool to share them on here and give you updates on how I am doing with them. Yay!

Evie in the Johnny-Jump-Up.
She falls over without the blankets.
So far, I have done great with the chore one. I was feeling really crappy after going back to work that the house was looking like a disaster, and when I came home from work exhausted I didn't want to clean it.  Now, when I have the 1 chore goal, if I get just one thing done I feel so much better. The best part is, if i do one thing, I usually do at least one other chore and things don't get so out of hand. I also don't spend all day Saturday doing a major overhaul cleaning. Yay.

As for scriptures, I have done pretty well.. I have missed only a couple of days so far. I really like using a scripture journal. I just decided to start at Mosiah (one of my favorite books), and read straight through. Each day I would read a chapter, and then summarize in a short journal entry what I felt there was to be learned from that chapter and how I can apply it to my life. It is simple, only takes about 15 minutes, but also keeps me feeling engaged in the scriptures. It keeps the things I need to be thinking about and working on daily fresh in my mind. I love it.

Baby Evie and I go for a walk in the crisp autumn air.
I want my stomach to be flatter again like it was before the baby. One of Nathan's goals was to get a six pack. He said he has always wanted one. So, without making our lives to complicated with diet restrictions, we decided that we would just stop keeping junk food in the house and not have any treats after dinner. We also decided we would try to avoid fast food at all costs. We did make exceptions to this... like when we are out with friends or with family we decided we can still eat treats, but that we should limit ourselves to a small portion, choose the healthiest option, or share one serving. Just from doing this one change, I have already lost more than 1/2 inch! Yay!  A pair of pants that were tighter after the baby are already fitting me more loosely. That was my happy moment yesterday :)

I am also currently in bed (and on the bathroom floor) with a horrible (and I mean H O R R I B L E) stomach bug. Not that I would recommend losing weight this way, but I may be a little smaller after this week of misery is over. Nathan's taking me to the instacare today. Hopefully they get it under control.

I will keep you posted on how our goals continue!


Erin Marie said...

oh my word, you are darling. and little Evie? Oh my lanta, what a beauty!