Saturday, October 1, 2011

Return to Work

Hi Friends,

Monday I returned to work.  It is definitely not as nice as staying home with my sweetie, but it hasn't been as bad as I thought it would be.  Evie is spending Monday and Wednesday each week with Nathan's mom, Sharon.  Then, Nathan has her for Tuesday and Thursday when he doesn't have classes, with the exception of a one-hour class on Thursday morning. During that time My mom takes a break from work on campus and has a little Grandma-Evie walk time.  Fridays, I don't work (usually), and so I take care of her. It is working out perfectly this semester. Hopefully Nathan's schedule doesn't change too much next semester so that it can work out just as well.

The boys took great care of the fish tank
while I was gone.

It is so nice that she is with family that I trust, and that we didn't have to find a daycare. It would have been so much harder to go back to work if I wasn't leaving her with my loved ones.

I went back to a great group of students, too. I was so happy that they missed me so much, and we have been having fun all week doing all kinds of shenanigans.. (and by shenanigans, I mean learning.) Most of my boys who used to cause me the most stress left our program while I was away, and so now I am reaping the rewards of that.  We did get lots of new boys, too, and so I am having fun getting to know them. All of them seem like nice kids, or at least manageable ones!

(A funny side story, I was talking to a casual acquaintance the other day who didn't know that I teach at an all-boys school. She asked me how I was feeling about going back to work and I said something about how all of the boys had missed me. That caused some raised eyebrows until I explained that I only had boy students.. haha.)

In other news, Evelyn had her 2 month checkup last week, and she continues to be in the 90th percentile for everything. She is currently 25 inches long, head circumference is 16.25 inches, and weighs in at 14 pounds and 7.5 ounces.  Wooh! Big girl!  The doc says she is very healthy and strong, too. Good news all around.  The shots were not nice, though. She cried a lot through that. :(

Also, the unanticipated return of the crimson tide surprised me a few weeks ago, only to surprise me again only 16 days later. WHAT? At least that gives me an explanation for why I had a couple days aboard the PMS train. Ugh.. poor Nathan. He certainly didn't miss that for the last 9 months.

I hope everything is going well where you are too!  Enjoy these adorable pictures of Evelyn in her Halloween costume. I giggled for about 5 minutes after putting her in it. She is just so squishy and cute.


Brooke said...

She is such a sweetheart! So stinkin' adorable in that costume!!! Going back to work is the worst, but it's good that you like your job! Also, the arrival of aunt flow was the most annoying part of the postpartum time. I'm 6 months out and still get visited twice a month, ugh!

Belle said...

You are right she is squishy and cute! It is wonderful you have family to care for her when you work.

Nancy said...

She is the most darlingest bested baby girl in the whole world!!

Janeal said...

She is so cute! I just wanna squish those cute cheeks. And that's so nice she's with family during the week.