Friday, July 16, 2010


The dam that once was my preggy uterus finally broke yesterday. Both me and my poor uterus were puking our guts out. The pain was so bad that I thought Mr. Uterus was going to completely jump ship, but thankfully we both weathered the worst of it. Talk about scary amounts of blood and puke. Sorry, didn't want to get too graphic there.

Really though, the vomiting is probably my own fault. The pain was so bad from the cramps that Nathan suggested I take one of his Oxycodon pills from his hand accident last fall. (Please don't sick the doctor police on me.)

Well, I'm not sure if I have ever taken that kind of insanely ABSURD pain medication before, but my body didn't not like it. Not one little bit. My mom and dad came and peeled me off of my couch and took me home with them (making only one emergency road side puke stop). I spent the rest of the day while Nathan was at work rolling around in agony in my parents recliner/bathroom. Lovely.

Still cramping today, but nothing like yesterday. I am trying to talk my way out of having to take my ballroom dance final tonight. (yeah, fabulous timing, right?). I am pretty sure I will be able to avoid it and still get a decent grade. My teacher seems like an understanding type of person.

Mentally I am doing much much better. Tuesday was the worst day, full of lots of self pity, grieving, and wallowing in my own misery, but I am doing better. I still cry, but not all of the time. Thank you to all of my wonderful friends and family for all of your kind emails, comments, phone calls, texts, visits, trips to the store, fast food runs, and prayers. Even if I haven't gotten back to you (I'm still having a hard time talking about it), I still very much appreciate all of your kindness.

So in summary, even though my body feels like this:

... Wait... that is still too cute. Let's try again.

So even though my body feels like this:

...yes that is much more accurate.

My mind is beginning to feel a bit more like this:


Belle said...

I'm so sorry you've been through such a terrible time.

Joanna said...

I find it interesting that you've given your uterus the masculine title of Mr. ;) that made me smile.