Saturday, July 10, 2010

Don't know what else to do.

I probably have the worst timing in the world. I probably should not have announced my pregnancy.

Last night at about 12:30 I noticed I was passing some tissue, and it made me very scared. I had a strange pain all day yesterday that wouldn't go away, and so I wasn't really surprised that something might be wrong. I called the after hours line for my OB, and got to talk to the doctor. He said that it might be fine, but it might not. I am supposed to be on bed rest for the next couple of days and see what happens. I haven't seen any bright red blood, so that is a good sign.

I did not sleep well, and to make matters worse, my other pregnancy symptoms have dissappeared this morning.

I am sitting here just sick with worry, and all I want is my mom. Who is on a cruise in Alaska and out of cell phone range.


Jessica Waite said...

How far along are you? I will have you in my prayers.

Katy said...

nearly 10 weeks.

Sarah said...


Find comfort in the knowledge that even if your child is not born to you in this life, you will have the blessed opportunity to raise them in the next.

I know that doesn't bring much comfort for the worry, and sorrow you are experiencing. Everything happens for a reason, and in the Lords time.

We will keep you in our prayers, and hope that things get better for you. I would tell you to not worry, but, I know that is the last thing you need to be told.

Rest Well!!

Jimmy & Amy said...

Rest, lots of fluids, and try to get in for an ultrasound asap. Watch for cramping and red blood. It could just be some spotting which is really common. We lost our first baby at 12 weeks, so I'll be praying for you. Just know that the Lord loves you, and your precious little one.

Miss Undescided said...

i was scrolling through blogs and stumbled upon was about midnight yesterday and i couldnt sleep bc i had another "episode" aka an emotional break down bc in november of this past year i recieved the news that i was 3mo pregnant. I hadnt said a word to anyone bc i was so scared. fyi my dad is a pastor and i was terrified my parents wouldnt accept me. anyways one morning i wake up with blood and tissue in my bed. i was so panicked that i threw the sheets away and cleaned everything up before my parents got home. When i finally told them, they werent mad, or upset just worried...i pray that you have a healthy baby, but remember if something happens god has a reason and a plan to not bring that baby into the world. dont lose hope, it hurts more than anything, but the key is to not blame yourself. you are beautifully and wonderfully made!