Thursday, July 22, 2010

I am a fan of Cjane.

Have you ever read Cjane's blog? She is a very very inspirational woman, and I adore reading about her madcap vintage life. She amazes me and makes me want to wear a dress and high heels whilst campaigning for my favorite local politicians every day. She also has adorable kids, and an incredible life story. If you haven't read Cjane, you should check her out here. Then, make sure you come back here afterwards ;)

Cjane introduced me to this awesome new group called "The Lower Lights". They performed at their family's annual independence day gala, and after watching this video, I was very impressed! When they release an album, it will be mine. I will play it in my car and be spiritually edified.



Gwen said...

SO lovely. Thanks for sharing.