Friday, July 16, 2010

Laugh or Cry (or Both!)

Time for a funny story. Enough with this depressing stuff.

An hour or so ago, I decided to take a nice hot soak in the bath. I stripped down naked and got the water running, and turned around to find a disgusting, squirming, enormous earwig writhing in my bathwater.

Now tell me, what would any sane, normal woman do? Of course. Scream repeatedly until their husband comes and kills it. Duh.

I even threw in a pretty melodramatically fake puking noise.

When Nathan didn't come to assist his damsel in distress, of course I went to find him. I popped out of the bathroom to find Nathan at the front door with our elderly neighbor, Mrs. B, who was holding a large, beautiful pie.

Yes, our front door is in direct sight of our bathroom door.

I yelped and popped back into the bathroom immediately, but not before poor Mrs. B. got an eyeful of the jiggly, disgusting, bloody mess that I am. Poor poor Mrs. B.!

Mrs. B. then called out kindly "Are you alright?" (Yes, she heard my screams and puking sounds), and I just popped my head out and reported that there was an earwig. I hid in the bathroom and sat there mortified until she left.

Nathan came to find me and laughed at me while I cried about it. I cried.... until I started laughing at how silly the whole situation was and how Mrs. B. was probably equally as embarrassed as I was.

I called her after I had composed myself and after saying that she "barely saw anything", she reported that she giggled all of the way home. What an awesome old lady.

Then I thoroughly enjoyed her delicious pie.

Lemon Meringue.


Joanna said...

glad to hear the clouds are parting and some fun and exciting things are happening! haha! that is so awesome.

dalene said...

That is very sweet of her, but I think another pie is definitely in order.

Sara said...

at least it wasn't the bishop? :) this made me laugh pretty hard too. hope you are doing better!

Amanda said...

That was hilarious. Thanks for a good laugh tonight!

Erin said...

Hahaha, I giggled the whole way through this story, too. ;)